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Marius Vetaas Thomassen

My improv CV includes ~¨100 performances in 3 countries and coaching workshops on a weekly basis for two years. I offer classes in Norwegian and English.

I have learned a lot from performing with Marius and attending his improv workshops.

Eigil Solberg Smørås, Sangakademiet
Introductory conversation

Reach out today for your free 1 hour introductory conversation where we discover what you want to learn about improv, and talk about how to get there.

Getting started

In this module we focus on taking small steps just outside your comfort zone, and on finding enjoyment and growth opportunities in remaining there. In using games we will have lots of fun while slowly and steadily getting to know the fundamentals of improv. The games will leave you feeling that you’ve unleashed yourself both physically and mentally.

Strong characters

Characters are at the basis of improv, and having strong character traits makes your improv engaging and compelling for the audience. Through exercises and games we explore, establish understanding of and heighten these traits, and it’s always such good fun. Additionally, in this module, we work on bringing yourself into the character using teachings associated with method acting.

Quick tip on creating characters
Engaging and compelling stories

The audience want to be brought on a journey, they want to escape their daily lives and be amazed, but they also want to recognize challenges and big moments from their own lives. In improv a story does tend to unfold by itself, but having that storytelling toolbox can ensure this happens every time. This module focuses on the theory of storytelling in the context of improv, and through simple exercises theory becomes practice very quickly.

Believing is performing

Improv can be complicated, or it can be easy. This module focuses on something so basic, but ever so hard: Listening to your partner and believing in the situation. If you do these two things, you will create interesting stories every single time.

Complete A-Z development plan

All the theories and concepts, exercises and games, can be structured into one complete improv development plan. Having a plan means we can carefully lay one puzzle piece at a time in order to arrive at where you want to be as an improviser.

I offer all of my class participants free access to an improv resource bank in Google Sheets. It’s updated once a month and currently holds 200 exercises, games and formats! Click here to request your access today. See the video below for a quick introduction.

Video introduction to the Google Sheets improv resource bank

Marius is really good at explaining and making sense of concepts and principles in improv. He is determined and full of passion, has a strong desire to help you, and is curious and honest in his approach.

Karoline Folkvord Ryen

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Classes and modules are adapted to your needs as well as your calendar. Read about my price model here.

I am truly grateful of the improv teachers I have had. Please read more about them in my credits section.

Marius is positive and direct and provides you with exercises that really help you evolve. Favorite moments include working on scene initiation and creating strong characters.

Niklas Göransson

He is an inspiring, inclusive and relaxed instructor who always listens to participants. I can recommend Marius to anyone who wants to learn about improv.

Eigil Solberg Smørås, Sangakademiet