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Marius Vetaas Thomassen

Google Analytics is excellent for generating immediate and relevant insight that can support high- and low-level decision making at any organization with an online presence. I have taught Google Analytics to 200+ people. Read below about the classes currently on offer.

Marius is very knowledgeable in business and data analysis.

Kjetil Grøsland, Treffsikker
Introductory conversation

This 1 hour introductory conversation is free of charge and highly recommended. We do an online video call where we discuss your specific needs, and the end product is a recommendation and/or development plan.

Getting started

In this module we explore the motivation behind using Google Analytics, meaning your angle. We draw lines between your online strategy and the reports you have access to and that are configured today. You will learn the purpose of the different reports, how to use basic functionality, and how to create immediate and relevant insight for your organization.

Measurement plan

Understanding your specific business or organization, its strategies and tactics, is key to get going with the right tracking. This module ensures we dedicate an appropriate amount of time to translating business knowledge into a measurement plan. With that in place the technical implementation follows next, and afterwards we can work on translating observations back into fresh and actionable business understanding.

Technical implementation

This module is provided by my partner and covers installation, configuration and testing of a Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics setup. We follow a best practice that is being continuously updated in regards to technical aspects as well as those concerning privacy and law. In order to fully cover the specific customer journey of your site, we look at how to expand the data collection using goals, events, ecommerce and more. After completing this module you will be able to trust your data completely and start using them for analysis and reporting.

Advanced analysis

Once your tracking is configured and relevant data is being collected, it’s time to explore the immense opportunities that Google Analytics presents us with. This module takes you step-by-step through all reports or focuses intensely on a few highly recommended ones, all depending on what you need. Some of the most popular topics include uncovering bad user experience, understanding the true value of ad spend, and implementing KPI-driven learning processes for the content marketing operations. This module promises enthusiasm, curiosity and plenty of aha experiences!


Once you have a clear picture of how data can be used to address core business questions, next is to establish reports and workflows. In this module we explore how to use predefined reports as well as Google Sheets and Google Data Studio in order to support analyses and decision making. We look at integrating the use of data into your organization, and as part of that we discuss topics such as change management, internal thought leadership and presentation techniques.

Complete A-Z development plan

All the content in the various modules mentioned above can be structured into one complete digital analyst development plan. Having a plan means we can carefully lay one puzzle piece at a time in order to arrive at where you want to be as a digital analyst, and where your organization needs to be in terms of collecting, communicating and utilizing data.

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Marius is a patient teacher who provides inspiration and sparring. He will work methodically to bridge data analysis with your overall business objectives.

Kjetil Grøsland, Treffsikker