Google Analytics Workshops

Marius Vetaas Thomassen

Google Analytics is excellent for generating immediate and relevant insight that can support high- and low-level decision making at any organization with an online presence. I have taught Google Analytics to 200+ people. Read below about the workshops currently on offer.

Marius is very knowledgeable in business and data analysis.

Kjetil Grøsland, Treffsikker
Preparation for Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ)

A training program designed to prepare you and your colleagues for the certification test provided by Google. This workshop accompanies the completion of the Google Analytics Academy, and focuses on making it relevant to your business, your market and your role in the company.

Duration depending on current level as well as ambition, but typically between 5-20 hours, including lecture and facilitated workshop.

Measurement plan and workflows

A workshop where we start with mapping your business strategy, tactics and operational activities, and continue with designing a plan for measurement, reporting and daily workflows.

Duration depending on current level as well as ambition, but typically between 2-10 hours, including lecture and facilitated workshop.

Open workshop with Q&A

Sometimes what your team needs is to sit down with an external expert. Give me a few keywords, some challenges you face, and we can spend time with Google Analytics discussing how you can utilize data as part of your everyday workflows or in making important decisions. This is excellent for narrowing your scope quickly, and to discover ways you can optimize marketing and website performance.

Guest speaker

I am a speaker on the topic of digital analytics and its importance to any business in the digital era.

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As these are offline classes, local market rates apply in terms of pricing.

Marius is a patient teacher who provides inspiration and sparring. He will work methodically to bridge data analysis with your overall business objectives.

Kjetil Grøsland, Treffsikker