Digitization is happening rapidly, e-commerce is growing and digital technology is adding value to offline customer interactions as well. With 10 years of experience in digital business development, online marketing and project management I offer consulting services and training. Reach out today via or +47 47253312.



There are so many options at your disposal in regards to reaching your audience via online channels. Let’s talk about who you want to reach, with what product or service, and define a strategy and tactical plan that ensures the best overall results.


Web projects

Looking to launch or optimize an online business? With a range of partners I can manage your web project in an agile and cost efficient way.


Create results

Navigating the tactical options in the online environment can be challenging. I can help you prioritize and implement marketing channels such as Facebook, Google and more. With a range of partners I can also deliver ads and content.



How can you use data to understand and improve your online performance? Is minimizing investments and optimizing results key to your success? As a Google Analytics specialist I have equipped 200+ individuals with skills through training, and consulted many companies. Read more about Google Analytics.

Smart Oppussing AS is a Oslo based company dedicated to craftsmanship and project management. Together with Treffsikker AS I helped launch a new website in 2021, and we’re currently assisting with online marketing.

Solid is a home developer and contractor based in Norway. I’m assisting with the implementation of various tools that aid the processes of running, evaluating and optimizing online marketing efforts.

Helenes Hjerter is a Oslo based independent candy manufacturer. I helped launch a new website in 2021 and now we’re scaling sales by deploying a online marketing strategy.